Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Teresa J. Parker's "Esperanzas" exhibition makes its US Midwest debut

Yours truly is debuting a new exhibition of prints and drawings at Rock Valley College now until November 7th. The exhibition is comprised from the work I created while traveling through Wisconsin, New Mexico and Mexico. I titled it "Esperanzas" , which is Spanish for "Hopes", for a few reasons; namely the hope that women afflicted with breast cancer can see this work and gain strength to deal with their respective battles.

My sister recently lost her three year battle, but she brandished a torch for others around her to carry on and never give up hope of  finding a cure for this fast-spreading disease.Another reason I titled the exhibition is because the work derives inspiration from the Latin tradition of 'milagros', [Spanish for 'little miracles'].

In this featured piece, the double-printed subject is of the Virgin Guadalupe/Madonna who is having her own breast examination. The squeeze-test, as it's so lovingly referred to, is amply described. The Virgin appears again on top, this time as an iconic figure guarding /watching over the proceedings below.The Virgins are surrounded with printed milagros to encircle the madonnas with prayers for their health and well-being.

Many people have seen this work and the range of responses is varied and unpredictably supportive/angry, and understandably so. Men and women have been often uncomfortable with the candor of the subject, and often feel awkward discussing it. Fine. The purpose of this work is discussion and expressing those repressed emotions.  In any event, I have been compelled to make this work in honor of the women who have courageously fought and continue to fight this disease. Carry on warriors......

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