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The World's Guide to Book Arts Degree Programs

The incredible world of book arts is one of our [printmakers']sister media. For any printmaker wanting to make their own fine art portfolio with handset letter press, I recommend this connection to a host of online exhibitions, workshops, contacts to book artists and those wanting to earn a degree in this old, but renewed field of paper, ink and binding obsession. 

The people at Books Arts Web collated an enormous database for any artists working on artist, handmade and uniquely-bound books. Below is a listing of places where anyone wanting to learn book-binding or making their own books with handmade paper and letterpress can avail the services, classes and workshops, and degree programs listed herein. I gladly share this with all you wonderful inky printmakers....

Book Arts Degree Programs

  • Alcuin Society: Promoting a wider appreciation of books and reading and supporting excellence in book design and production. In support of these goals, it sponsors educational programmes, publishes a journal, and offers a prestigious award for excellence in Canadian book design.
  • American Academy of Bookbinding: A program that gives professional binders an opportunity to receive top level instruction without having to study abroad.
  • American Amateur Press Association
  • American Printing History Association
  • Anderson Ranch: A former sheep ranch located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, offers several first-class bookmaking workshops each summer.
  • Search and Compare art schools, colleges, departments, and workshops.
  • Art, Books, and Creativity: A yearlong arts curriculum developed by the National Museum of Women in the Arts. ABC provides meaningful arts learning experiences while highlighting the natural connections between visual arts and language arts. ABC is a model for integrating the visual arts into the core curriculum while maintaining a specific focus on the contributions of women artists to our shared cultural history.
  • Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts: Also offers classes in the book arts. In Gatlinburg, TN.
  • Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University: Non-credit visual arts workshops in a variety of disciplines including letterpress, printmaking, and binding.
  • Asheville BookWorks: Hands-on workshops including, but not limited to, bookbinding, printmaking and decorative paper. Instructors are mostly drawn from the immensely talented and growing book arts community in western North Carolina, many of whom are nationally and internationally recognized.
  • Banff Centre: The Banff Centre is an incubator of creativity that inspires and empowers artists, the mountain community, and business and community leaders from Alberta, Canada, and around the world. Located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Centre provides a unique learning environment where individuals and groups pursue personal and professional development, create new work, engage in applied research, share ideas and experiences, and celebrate accomplishments through performances, exhibitions, and special events. Visual arts workshops and residencies.
  • Bay Area Book Artists: San Francisco group of book artists who expand horizons in the book arts by making books, organizing exhibitions and maintaining and furthering an awareness of the greater community of book artists and book arts.
  • Black Rock Press at the University of Nevada, Reno: Dedicated to the practice and teaching of the arts and crafts associated with the creation of finely printed books.
  • Book Arts Museum: A publisher of rare and artistic books. It has a collection of old printing machines and equipment, matrices. There is a working paper mill and typefoundery. It organizes exhibitions and educational courses. In Lodz, Poland
  • The Book Arts Press at the University of Virgina
  • The Book Arts Program at the J. Willard Marriott Library: At the University if Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Book Arts Guild of Vermont: Organized in January 2005, we seek to encourage and educate our members and the public through workshops, exhibits, fieldtrips and guest speakers.
  • Booklyn: Founded in 1999, Booklyn is an artist-run, nonprofit organization headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. Our mission is to promote artist books as an art form and educational resource; to provide educational institutions and the public with programming involving contemporary artist books; and to assist artists in exhibiting, distributing, and publishing innovative bookwork.
  • BookWorks: BookWorks is a book arts education center that offers a full spectrum of hands-on workshops including, but not limited to, bookbinding, printmaking and decorative paper. BookWorks recently purchased the building in which it is located, in partnership with Blue Barnhouse, a small press specializing in letterpress, bookbinding and independent publishing. Lcated in Asheville, NC.
  • Buchbinder Colleg: School for advanced bookbinding and master classes. Instruction in German. In Stuttgart, Germany.
  • California Society of Printmakers: The California Society of Printmakers is a non-profit arts organization which promotes the appreciation of prints and printmaking. In support of this goal, the Society sponsors exhibitions on a local, and national level, carries out educational activities, and publishes a journal, The California Printmaker.
  • Camberwell College of Arts: Information on bookbinding program.
  • Carroll University: See their new book arts major in the Art Program. Located in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
  • The Center for Book Arts, Inc.: Current class schedules as well as online exhibitions. In New York.
  • NEW Centre for the Book at the University of Otago: Dr. Donald Kerr and Dr. Shef Rogers co-direct the University of Otago Centre for the Book. Established in 2011, the Centre aims to promote the rich book heritage of the university, city, and country (New Zealand).
  • Centre for Fine Print Research: Based at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK. it shows some examples of research projects run by the CFPR which examine contemporary artists’ books. As part of our research we explore many aspects of the book arts: from the conception and history of the artist’s book, to creative processes and output, current developments and critical assessments of the subject. Through our research projects and collaborations, we hope to widen critical discourse within the book arts field. There is also a Book Arts Newsletter published monthly by Sara Bodman.
  • Centro del Bel Libro, Ascona Switzerland: Fantastic study opportunity for fine/design binding and conservation.
  • Cincinnati Book Arts Society: A nonprofit organization comprised of a group of professionals and amateurs from all quarters of the book, paper and printing arts for the purpose of creating a spirit of community among hand workers in the book arts and those who love books.
  • Codex Foundation: The foundation exists to preserve and promote the art and craft of the book. Our mission is educational and, in the broadest possible context, to bring to public recognition the artisanship and the rich history of the book.
  • Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts
  • Corcoran College of Art and Design: New Master of Arts in Art and the Book. Located in Washington, D.C.
  • Cornell Book Arts Club: The book arts club for Cornell University offering lectures and workshops. In Ithaca, NY.
  • Craft Guild of Dallas: Bookbinding classes at the Craft Guild of Dallas, TX.
  • Creative Arts Workshop: Book arts classes and more. In New Haven, CT.
  • Dartmouth College Book Arts Workshop: A component of the Dartmouth College Library Preservation Department. In Hanover, NH.
  • The Fine Press Book Association: A new organization recently formed by individuals interested in the art of fine printing to promote printing skills and the appreciation of beautiful books. See their blog here.
  • Freundeskreis Miniaturbuch Berlin e.V.: Friends of the Minature Book Berlin, Germany.
  • Garage Annex School for Book Arts: Presented by Daniel Kelm and Greta Sibley in Easthampton, MA. Classes cover a wide range of topics from alternative to traditional.
  • Hollander's School of Book & Paper Arts: A comprehensive listing of courses for all levels. In In Ann Arbor, MI,
  • Houston Book Arts Group: New group in the Houston (TX) area that meets monthly at the Museum of Printing History, in Montrose. Each meeting typically includes a hands-on experience with a book structure or other book arts related skill which you can then take home and practice.
  • Idaho Center for the Book at the Hemingway Western Studies Center in Boise. Gallery
  • The Ink Shop Printmaking Center: A not-for-profit printmakers' center, fine art press and gallery which offers professional facilities for the making of fine art prints. We provide a range of equipment, including etching, lithography, proofing and letter presses, a small darkroom and computer imaging equipment. In Ithaca, NY.
  • Het Instituut voor Kunst en Ambacht (IKA): Art Center in Mechelen, Belgium with workshops in bookbinding and other subjects. Click on "ateliers," then "boekkunst." Site in Flemish.
  • Libros - New Mexico Book Arts Guild: LIBROS is New Mexico’s Book Arts Guild offering a variety of inspiration for both traditional and experimental artist’s books. We hold regular meetings on the 1st Saturday of the month, as well as annual and special exhibits. We welcome new members and guests.
  • NEW London Centre for Book Arts: London’s first open access resource centre for people interested in the production of artists’ books and printed matter. The space will provide workshops and classes for studio members and the local community, as well as access to hard-to-find equipment and resources.
  • London College of Printing: Offers bookbinding, and related, courses.
  • Mills College Book Arts Program: San Franciso, CA.
  • Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA): Workshops for adults, educators, children, and more at this first rate book arts center.
  • Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation: The Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation is a Cleveland, Ohio non-profit art center dedicated to the preservation of handmade papermaking and the art of the book. Morgan Conservatory will pursue its educational and charitable purposes by serving the greater community locally, nationally, and internationally with sustainable practices in an innovative green environment.
  • Movable Book Society
  • The National Printing Library, London: The Library's collections cover printing and related subjects like paper and binding, graphic design and typography, typefaces and calligraphy, illustration and printmaking, publishing and book-selling, and the social and economic aspects of the printing, book, newspaper and magazine trades generally.
  • Nebraska Book Arts Center: To advance critical appreciation and knowledge of the book, and to promote the arts of fine book production.
  • New Jersey Center for the Book: "To celebrate books, reading, libraries, and the diverse literary heritage of New Jersey."
  • New York Center for the Book and Reading: Promoting book culture throughout New York State.
  • North Bennet Street School - Bookbinding: the only full-time bench bookbinding program in North America. The two-year program was started in 1986. Class meets 30 hours a week from September through June. Only six students are admitted each year. In Boston, MA.
  • Oldways Bookarts Tools and Workshop: Jim Croft's workshop in Santa, Idaho.
  • Oregon College of Arts and Crafts: Links to information about their book arts program.
  • Pacific Center for the Book Arts: An organization committed to providing our members opportunities to show their work, socialize with other practitioners of the book arts, and learn from their peers. Our members include calligraphers, custom binders, printmakers, conservators, and many others.
  • Penland School of Arts and Crafts
  • Paper and Book Intensive (PBI): A great summer experience in the book arts.
  • The Printed Page: a fully equipped, working art studio located in a restored mill building at in Pawtucket, RI. Offers classes and workshops in printmaking and the book arts as well as access to studio space and equipment for individual artists.
  • Printmaking at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU): Academic program information and a links page which features an web based bulletin board for printmakers.
  • Pyramid Atlantic: Dedicated to the creation and appreciation of hand papermaking, printmaking, digital arts, and the art of the book. For more than 22 years, Pyramid has provided opportunities for the discovery and creation of these fine arts through imaginative programming for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. An artist-centered community with an international and local following, Pyramid Atlantic brings print and paper arts to people all over the world.
  • Rare Book School: An independent non-profit educational institute supporting the study of the history of books and printing and related subjects. Founded in 1983, it moved to its present home at the University of Virginia in 1992.
  • Sammlerkreis Miniaturbuch e.V. Stuttgart: Minature book society based in Stuttgart, Germany. Pages in German.
  • San Francisco Bay Area Book Arts
  • San Diego Book Arts: an organization founded by Southern California artists. It is open to everyone interested in the art of the book and offers a network for information and education through lectures, workshops, publications and exhibitions.
  • San Francisco Center for the Book: SFCB is a place where you can learn about the many arts and crafts of the book. Through workshops, exhibitions, and public events, SFCB promotes both knowledge of traditional book arts and exploration of experimental book forms. Visit our website to learn more and register for classes.
  • Santa Reparta International School of Art: An independent art school and professional workshop providing facilities and courses in etching, monoprinting, relief printing, photography, drawing, digital imaging, book arts, painting, art history, and Italian language. In Florence, Italy.
  • School of the Art Institute in Chicago Printmedia
  • School for Formal Bookbinding: Newly formed by Don Rash, Fine Bookbinder, in Plains, PA.
  • Scripps College Press Book Arts Program: Letterpress printing and book making program led by Kitty Maryatt at Scripps College.
  • NEW Scuola Intarnazionale di Grafica: Founded in 1969 and is one of the main centers for Printmaking and the Artists Book in Venice, Italy.
  • Seattle Center for Book Arts: Formed to promote education in hand book binding and related art forms. We encourage fellowship and the exchange of ideas in the bookmaking community.
  • Shakerag Workshops: A small workshop program, operating for only two weeks in June, in which participants and faculty members live, eat, and work together for a week on the Sewanee mountaintop.
  • SHARP Web: Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing. Many links related to the history of the book, publishing, printing and the bookarts. Subscription information to SHARP-L.
  • Small Press Center: The Small Press Center for Independent Publishing is a non-profit cultural and educational institution dedicated to promoting interaction between the public and small independent book publishers.
  • Southeast Association for Book Arts: Created to promote book artists, scholars, researchers, historians and aficionados through the interaction and intersection of the practice, study and patronage of the book. Based at the University of South Carolina.
  • Studio on the Square: A fully equipped letterpress printing & book arts studio located on Union Square in New York City offering classes and workshops in letterpress printing, printmaking, book arts, and bookbiding for artists, writers and students with all levels of experience.
  • University of Alabama Book Arts Program: The M.F.A in the Book Arts Program develops book artists who have well-honed technical knowledge of the various facets of contemporary bookmaking, and who have an understanding of the historical evolution of the book including its materiality, and the role of the book in society. Of special note on this site are Podcasts by Steve Miller with leading book artists offering unique insights into their creative processes and other interests.
  • Book Art and Letterpress Lab at the University of Arizona School of Art: The Book Art and Letterpress Lab has a large letterpress lab, polymer plate-making facilities, a large collection of wood and metal type, screen printing and complete bindery. Undergraduate and graduate classes in book art and visual narrative are taught here.
  • University of the Arts Book Arts/Printmaking: The program offers a a two-year, sixty-credit, MFA Program in which students explore the book as an art form that incorporates two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional structure, time and sequence, text and image. It embraces both the rich history of the book and the new processes and forms created by digital technology. Its concept of book arts includes fine-press printing and illustrated texts, visual and verbal narratives, and works that push the idea of a book toward expressions as different as sculpture and multimedia. In Philadelphia. Hosts of the transformativeHybrid Book conference held June 4-6, 2009.
  • University of Idaho Bookarts: Now being preserved as part of the Book Arts Web. While new resources won't be added I will be trying to keep the resources and links there, many redundant, up to date. Please let me know via the "Write" link at the Idaho site if you have any corrections. This site was one of the first and deserves to be preserved!
  • University of Iowa Center for the Book. See also the collection of historic bookbinding models in the Conservation Lab. The Center for the Book is an innovative, interdisciplinary arts and research unit located within the University of Iowa Graduate College. The UICB pursues a distinctive mission, integrating practice in the art of book production with the study of the book in society. We offer curricula in book technologies and book history, available to graduate and undergraduate students, as well as to the eastern Iowa community.
  • University of Maine-Machias: The Book Arts program at the University of Maine / Machias, the environmental liberal arts college of the University of Maine, is co sponsored by the Departments of English and Interdisciplinary Fine Arts. Courses are taught year round in professional letterpress and papermaking facilities. See also their gallery of works.
  • Virginia Commonwealth University Book Art Collection: Established in 1979, Virginia Commonwealth University's Book Art Collection encompasses all aspects of contemporary book art publications ranging from printed text and photo narratives to multi-structured objects of art. Maintained by Special Collections and Archives, the collection includes nearly 3,000 items.
  • Visual Studies Workshop: in Rochester, NY. VSW is an internationally recognized center for media studies, including photography, visual books, electronic imaging and film.
  • Wellesley College Special Collections Book Arts Laboratory: Here, students learn to set type by hand and print on nineteenth century iron hand presses. Regular workshops and lectures in the history and practice of letterpress printing, paper marbling, and book binding are offered by Special Collections staff to students, faculty and alumnae.
  • Wells College Book Arts Center: Features information about the press, bindery, book arts center and more.
  • Werkstatt für Buch und Gestaltung: Kurse, Vorträge, Ausstellungen rund um die Themen BUCH, PAPIER & SCHRIFT. In Kirkel-Limbach (Saarland), Germany.
  • West Dean College: West Dean College , an internationally-renowned centre for study. The college provides MA degrees, diplomas and short courses for students of all abilities, from the beginner to the advanced professional practitioner in many crafts including Books and Library Materials. Near Chichester, West Sussex, UK.
  • Western NY Book Arts Collaborative: Promotes, encourages and develops printing & book related arts through programs such as lectures, workshops and exhibitions on all facets of the printed word and image -- printmaking, papermaking, illustration, design, writing, binding. In Buffalo, NY.
  • Wisconsin Center for Book and Paper Arts: non-profit, all volunteer artist's cooperative dedicated to preserving the art and craft of handmade paper. WCBPA was established in 1985 and is located in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Women's Studio Workshop: The Women's Studio Workshop's is a not for profit organization supporting the voice and vision of women artists. We provide professional opportunities and employment for artists at various stages in their careers.


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