Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Printmakers are descending upon New Orleans!

Yikes! If you aren't eating, breathing, smoking, drinking ink, then clear out of New Orleans this week. The town has been invaded by the Knights of the Order of Ink for the SGC International's 40th Printmaking Conference.

Jeez, the smell of ink should be wafting up and down the French Quarter and any other number of little galleries, storefronts, cafes, bars. Can't you just taste it?  Thousands of artists, book artists, letter press and digital, as well as the tried and true traditional method printmakers should be wielding around little CDs of their work for all to see. But really, we printmakers are a hearty bunch and are often known for having strong bi-ceps, so there should also be a few persons hefting around some litho stones, metal plates, (btw...aluminum plates make great frisbees)and large black-handled things called 'portfolios' to carry around 'actual' work.

My fellow printmakers, be jovial, convivial, friendly and boastful. Defend the work you do to the death, and challenge the medium in light-hearted discussions on the merits of the work.Enjoy these occasions to commune with our inky brethren and make innumerable toasts to our professions' best. Enjoy, my friends.........!

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