Monday, April 23, 2012

Print in Italy with the Women's Studio Workshop!

Just an update for the Italy workshop. Registration deadline is 4/25/12, but contact them to get onto a waitlist. Also, the workshop is actually opens to both men and women, so again, call and write to see if you can get on this program!. If you haven't yet decided where to spend your summer, this may be the option for you. Who doesn't love the thought of going to Tuscany this summer? Well the Women's Studio Workshop of New York is holding a series of printmaking workshops at Antica Tenuta Le Casacce. This is a renovated 13th c. villa just outside the medieval town of Seggiano. There is plenty of time for class, siesta, swimming and hiking to explore the beautiful Tuscan countryside.
For those not familiar with WSW, they have been around since 1974, have offered Residencies for women artists since 1979, and they have sustained support from the National Endowment of the Arts since 2002. Their instructors are incredible and it is an excellent opportunity to work and network with your peers. 
As for WSW's US printing facility, they have a number of printing presses and can accomodate your needs in the following areas - etching, screen printing, letterpress, papermaking. Studio time can be rented, as well as tied in with a Residency. WSW is located in a picturesque mountain setting within the Shawangunk Mountains in the Hudson River Valley of NY. The studios are extensively equipped and well-maintained. Artists can take workshops, rent the studios, schedule private classes, or apply for grant opportunities. You are welcome to visit the studios before arranging work-time or signing up for workshops, please call ahead.

Below you will find a listing of the workshops being offered this summer, and their contact information.  Registration has already begun, and you wouldn't want to miss out on this terrific opportunity.Sign up now!

2012 Printmaking Workshops

Women's Studio Workshop
PO Box 489
722 Binnewater Lane
Rosendale, NY 12472



  1. Hi That's Inked Up!
    I have two important pieces of information to add to your the awesome post about our Summer Arts Institute workshops in Italy:

    The registration deadline for our Printmaking Workshop in Italy is TOMORROW, Wednesday April 25! So act now!

    And, Our Summer Art Institute workshops are open to students of any gender, not just women!

    Thanks again for the mention, and keep us in the loop about any upcoming print exchanges you might be hosting, we will gladly spread the word.

    All the best,
    Sarah Burt
    Women's Studio Workshop

  2. Will add this info into the blog. Thanks for the updates.