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2013 Summer Workshops at the Womens' Studio Workshop

 I am pleased to bring to your attention a place for women printmakers to work in The Women's Studio Workshop, in upstate New York. It  has been around for quite a while, providing artists from around the world a place to work, take classes, rent studio time and spend time in a residency developing their craft.  Th following infomation can be seen ontheir website, and they have a full range of workshops being offered this summer. Registration has already begun, so check it out and see if you can get yourselves to a beautiful spot for the summer to absorb some nature and enjoy the pleasantries of small town Binnewater, NY.
Women's Studio Workshop's Binnewater Arts Facility today.
The History of Women’s Studio Workshop
Women’s Studio Workshop was founded in 1974 by four women artists, Ann Kalmbach, Tatana Kellner, Anita Wetzel, and Barbara Leoff Burge. 
Binnewater Arts Center
Artists coming to WSW workshops from out-of-town will find themselves in the former hamlet of Binnewater, once a thriving cement mining community located in the foothills of the Shawangunk Mountains in the Hudson River Valley of NY. In 1983, WSW moved into the Binnewater Arts Center (BAC). The BAC is a historic building that was once the Rosendale Cement Company Store and Post Office.
Artist GrantsResidenciesthe Summer Art Institute, and Internships have become the basis of their professional programs attracting artists from around the world.
Women’s Studio Workshop has an artist-centered philosophy and a deep commitment to the individual’s creative process. We support this vision through providing time and space where artists can come to work with 24-hour access to the studios, onsite and adjacent housing and technical advice and support.
A WSW Residency is supported by our technical and artistic staff that is readily available to coach, train, and assist artists on all aspects of their projects. This active engagement allows artists to work across mediums, integrating new processes and materials into their work, and to gain new levels of mastery in specific disciplines.
Artists’ Books Residency Grant: 6-8 week residency for an artist to produce a limited edition artist’s book. learn more >
Art-in-Education Book Arts Residency Grant: 8-10 week residency focused on creating a limited edition artist’s book, while also working with students during our Art-in-Education program. learn more >
Legacy Artists Residency Grant: 6 weeks working in any printmaking studio to create a new body of work. learn more >
Ora Schneider Residency Grant for Regional Artists: month long residencies for regionally based artists. learn more >
Studio Residency Grant: 6-8 weeks working in any of WSW’s studio areas to create a new body of work. learn more >
Elizabeth Thomasetti, artist-in-residence working in WSW's etching studio
Women’s Studio Workshop’s workspace opportunities are partially subsidized residencies that provide concentrated work time for artists to explore new ideas or a new process or media and to interact with other professional artists. Selected artists have unlimited access to the studios and housing. A $200/week fee is charged.
Art-In-Education Workspace Residency:  This five week teaching-based reduced fee residency is for artists who work in intaglio, silkscreen, or hand papermaking. Artists receive a reduced fee OR a free residency to work on their own project and teach onsite with local public school students. learn more >
Beisinghoff Printmaking Residency in Germany: A 4 week printmaking residency in Diemelstadt-Rhoden, Germany. learn more >
Chili Bowl Workspace Residency: WSW offers a limited number of special residences with a reduced fee for potters who make bowls for the annual WSW Chili Bowl Fiesta Fundraiser. learn more >

Women’s Studio Workshop offers a variety of classes for artists at any level of experience. Our Summer Arts Institute offers a variety of classes focusing on new techniques in hand papermaking, printmaking, book arts and related media. Artists come from around the country to participate in three to five day intensive workshops. WSW also presents private instruction in any one of our studio areas.
WSW maintains intaglio, screen print, letterpress, papermaking, studios  The studios are extensively equipped and well-maintained. Artists can take workshops, rent the studios, schedule private classes, or apply for grant or fellowship opportunities. You are welcome to visit the studios before arranging work-time or signing up for workshops, please call ahead.
Women's Studio Workshop etching studio
Rather than use traditional acids to etch plates, Women’s Studio Workshop uses non-toxic materials; Ferric chloride for copper and salt etch for aluminum and zinc. They generally stock copper and aluminum plates, along with a selection of fine print papers and handmade papers.
Etching Studio Equipment List
  • 1200 sq. ft. studio space
  • 2 Charles Brand Press, 30″ x 50″ and 26″ x 48″
  • 18″ x 22″ viscosity rollers
  • Separate ventilated acid room with a 4’ x 29” workspace with stainless sink
  • Hot plate 20”x 24”
  • Flexible shaft rotary tool
  • 18”x24” vertical tank with Ferric Chloride
  • Etching trays up to 25”x30”
  • Drying rack 30”x46”
  • Drying press 28”x42”
  • Glass top inking table 26”x8’
  • Photopolymer platemaking capacity up to 23”x29”
Rent the Studios
Rates include basic materials. Inks and paper for editioningare the responsibility of the artist. Chris Petrone, WSW’s Studio Manager provides a general introduction for using the studio and is available to help with basic technical questions. For advanced technical assistance, there is a $50 per hour fee (one hour minimum) in addition to the regular studio rental rate. Studio rental rates are based on $14/hour or $10/hour for members. To schedule a studio rental, contact manager Chris or call WSW.
Reduced studio rental rates for members interested in working for extended periods in Silkscreen, Papermaking, Darkroom, or Intaglio are:
  • 3 consecutive days $225
  • 4 consecutive days $310
  • 5 consecutive days $380
  • 6 consecutive days $450
  • 7 consecutive days $530
Call WSW at 845.658.9133 for more information
Women’s Studio Workshop  |  P.O. Box 489 Rosendale, NY 12472 845.658.9133

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