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Argentina's Americo Balan Abraham

Américo Balan Abraham (1915 - 1986) was born in Ur , of the Ukraine. He was a renowned Ukrainian artist, painter, printmaker, and draftsman who lived his entire career in Argentina.
I like balan's bold , quirky figures, and how he molds them into his picture plane. The surfaces are wonderful and the expressions of the characters is funny and clever. The surreal manipulations of his figures harken to other surreal artists, but they are uniquely his own. I included a color pieces in this group, but I love the richness of his blacks and the textures of his cuts. Balan's work is still collectible, but not often seen on the market. Be sure to watch for his work. They are infinitely appealing.
Due to war, Balan’s family decided to move to Argentina in 1922. He attended and graduated from the College of Fine Arts, eventually becoming a teacher of drawing and painting. Then he spent three years studying Engineering at the University of La Plata.
Balan taught workshops at the Association of Fine Arts. He taught art at the "Manuel Belgrano" School of Fine Arts and the "Prilidiano Pueyrren" School until his retirement. He published a text on printmaking, and as a teacher, he participated in numerous panel discussions and presentations.
As an artist, he spent several years painting and making prints, but later concentrated his activity solely to printmaking. In his later years, he devoted himself to drawing and painting. He illustrated books and stories, and drew cartoons for newspapers, art and literary magazines. He also wrote stories and plays, and worked as a director and producer for local theater.
Balan’s artistic and international recognition was highly praised by the art critics.
Between 1947 and 1986, he exhibited his work in 28 solo and 50 group exhibitions, and he participated in Argentina’s artist delegations for the International Biennials in Mexico, Tokyo, VI Bienal de São Paulo, Switzerland and Italy.
Museum collections:

Museum of Fine Arts Eduardo Sivori
Museum of Modern Art
Museum of Modern Art in New York
Museum of Modern Art in Prague Municipal Hall of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano
Museum of Contemporary Art
Gallery Van Riel
Panamericana School of Art
His prints are included in the book ‘Delicacies’ by Ramón Gómez de la Serna.

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