Saturday, February 14, 2015

Celebrate St. Valentine's Day All Inked Up!

Ah, my inked up comrades, it's the day people everywhere share some food, drink, flowers, chocolate, and a little time with a special inked up someone(preferably, but not required.) It is also the day a long-standing tradition of making, printing, sending and receiving little pieces of paper covered with hearts, cupids and affectionate phrases makes their way into our mailboxes, coat pockets, and the inbox of our computers.

Today, I am sharing a couple images with you to celebrate the poor St. Valentine, who's day wasn't so romantic or much fun. His death in the year 270 was less than desirable, but from it has sprung countless expressions of romance and desire. The images below show how much printmaking has had a hand in this day of love, but then we understand that, being that we love what we do and what we make. Enjoy, my friends...

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