Monday, November 7, 2016

Time to Vote! Will it be Hillary or the Donald?

Okay, it's time, my inked up friends. The time is at hand when we Americans must go to the polls and vote for a candidate we feel can lead this great nation for the next four years. Unfortunately, this year has been a rough ride in terms of the political choices, and now we have a highly contentious (and honestly, embarrassingly silly) campaign that will be decided in 24 hours - or not. Not to put a damper on this thing, but it could go down as infamously as the 'chads' incident in 2000. Only time will tell.

In the spirit of what is great about this country, I have selected a few of the wonderfully creative prints and posters associated with this campaign. I hope you enjoy them. Please, if you are of voting age and you are a US citizen, go out and vote tomorrow. If you already did, bless you. This year's election is quite important to our country, and the outcome does impact our allies and the world. Not trying to over emphasize the election, but people around the world will be watching the outcome this time. We will either see a business man or the first woman elected to the office of the presidency. Either way, it will have an impact that will be felt for a long time to come. Go Vote!

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