Monday, June 26, 2017

La Printeria: Transforming San Antonio's Printmaking Scene

I recently saw a post by an up and coming printmaking studio, located in San Antonio, Texas, called La Printeria. The good folks there have a terrific studio, and offer classes and press-time to printmakers of all ages and experience. The owner, Harvey Mireles, is working with the local city and arts groups to make a special thing happen...he wants to help train young persons the trade of making prints, and encourage them to become artists and express their talents through prints. Great idea. His training workshops have helped people find work, and bring focus to their lives.

This noble cause is born out of a desire to see youth succeed and not be tempted by things that could derail their lives. Mireles' own life path was a longish journey, but he decided to make a change and trained himself how to make prints, and now he wants to give back to the community to help others. I applaud his goal and mission. I hope there are more places out there like La Printeria. If there are, I say Thank you! If there are, please write to me and tell me about yourself and your own printshop.
( I will tell your story as well. Anyone who can bring the printed image to the public, is worth talking about and spreading their message. Congratulations to Harvey and all the people who work with him at La Printeria. Keep up the good fight!

You can find information about La Printeria on Facebook Their web address is and they are located at 563 SW 40th St, San Antonio, TX 78237 (210) 852-8898.
If you stop by, Flower may be hanging around, so give her some love, too!

They have a go fund me page about looking for sponsors to help teens take an 8 week printmaking workshop which starts in July.Give them some inked up love as only we printmakers can!

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  1. Hi Teresa. Harvey here. Thanks for this great post. We continue to work primarily with inner city kids. Thanks for all you're doing in the arts community.