Thursday, September 21, 2017

Art Werger's Glittering Cityscapes

The work of Art Werger is stunningly perfect and makes the rest of us go, "Man, he is just too good!" Yes, he is good, more than good. He is a master at this work, and loves it, obviously.

Art Werger's prints are based in his New Jersey childhood. His city scenes glitter with the twinkling lights of thousands of office buildings and street signs. They entice us to come see what's happening in the urban big town and become a part of the party. But there is a dark feel about some of them as well. We are transported back in time to the black and white film noir era in some of his cityscapes.

His suburban scenes though, they reflect a quieter place and time; more evocative of childhood memories of summer evenings walking through the neighborhood streets with a friend, or the family dog. The lighting Werger imbues with these images also has a special quality, as light filters through the tree-lined streets dancing over us as in a dream-like place.

Werger is an artist who revels in the complexities of printmaking process, and who carefully refines his images with intense precision. These are tremendous works of a master completely working in his element.

Public Collections:
The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
the Boston Public Library
the Brooklyn Museum
the Philadelphia Museum of Art
the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Trenton Museum, New Jersey

Festival Szuki, Rybnik 2000
Intergraphia Katowic
World Award Winners Gallery
Triennale Graphiki, Kracow, Poland 2000

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