Friday, January 13, 2012

Plan Now for Printmaking Workshops in Greece Summer 2012!

Okay everyone, we all know (here in the icy, snowy Midwest) what we're all thinking the moment winter decided to cast its first assault...WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE SUMMER!!!!????? Well, I've found this little treasure of a workshop located on the beautiful, sunny island of Paros, in the Agean Sea. That's right, Greece.  

Artists on the Move is a site that has all types of places for those of us who pretend to be normal and go on vacation, but just use it as an excuse to keep the ink underneath our fingernails. So I invite you to check this place out, and register soon, because it simply looks gorgeous and who doesn't want to visit Greece? Just adding a little Paros Island scenery eye candy to whet your appetites.....

Drawing, painting and printmaking classes on the island of Paros, Greece. Combine art and travel by joining an artist workshop with Artists on the Move. Draw and paint in an open landscape for seven days and savor all that is the natural beauty of the Greek Isles.

Contact Neva Bergemann via: e-mail:, 

Tel: 011 (30) 22840 25331 (if calling from the U.S.)

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