Saturday, January 21, 2012

Printmaking This Summer in Mijas, Spain!

Okay, eight inches of snow are upon us in the Midwest,  ice storms are blasting people in Switzerland and Seattle, so plan now for a printing workshop retreat this summer to the beautiful little town of Mijas, in Andalusian Spain. Sounds like a travel brochure, doesn't it? Sorry, couldn't resist.

Actually, I was recently contacted by Cascada Studio director, Mariann Johansen-Ellis, a printmaker whose career has allowed her to travel far and wide. She provided me information about her recently renovated print studio, and after looking it over from this winter wonderland we call Chicago, I have to confess, the place looks  mighty fine indeed.  Situated up in the hills between Malaga and Marbella, this area looks great for a vacation and inspiration for those of us seeking unique places to make our artwork.
Johansen-Ellis operates classes and workshops out of her studio, and they can be taught in English, Spanish and Scandinavian languages as needed.

Check out her website at or contact her at, ph. +34 952 48 51 72. The beach isn't that far away, either, so bring along your beach towel and your inks!

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  1. Can we visit the printmaking studios in Mijas? We are a group of artists in Canillas de Albaida and have a strong interest in printmaking. Email: