Friday, June 29, 2012

Celebrating our Independence!

The anniversary of our independence is upon us, and as always, I have looked for printmakers' input on that momentous occasion. I am pleased to share with you a collection of images, contemporary and older, that depict our activities and commemorate those founding fathers who helped shape this country we love, and serves as a model to others of what is possible. 
I wish all my fellow printmakers some quality time with family and friends, a little grilling at the cookout, sleeping in the backyard hammock, sharing recipes and a little brew with your fellow printmakers before heading to the ball park to enjoy America's favorite passtime, or the local racetrack for some down home entertainment or going to the park to see the fireworks' display. 
The sacrifice of many for the life we lead should never be forgotten, and who among us cannot feel a little swell of pride and a catch in our throats when we see that beautiful red, white and blue piece of cloth that identifies and unites us. This is a mighty fine place to live, and it's good to know printmakers have had a hand in presenting it's history. These images are in no particular order. Enjoy the holidays! 

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