Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Master of the Fantasic: Sergey Tyukanov

My world is the world of the metamorphosis and paradox, which are reality for me, and this reality I materialize in my works. I like to be surprised and astonished, I like to surprise and astonish myself. Creativity should inspire and arouse creativeness. I invite you to travel in the world of my fantasies” - Sergey Tyukanov, Kaliningrad.
 Born in 1955, Russia's Sergey Tyukonaov studied art in his homeland and received a Teacher's diploma to teach an artform he obviously loves - Printmaking! He now lives and works in Kaliningrad. The type of work he does is at once whimsical, amusing and fantastic. The details of his invented creatures and people are filled with infinite description and the work delights all that gazes upon it.   
 Tyukanov is one amongst that group of Eastern European printmakers who can't seem to find a tool small enough to work with on their pieces. They are the type that have to wear a jeweler's loop to make and see the intricate detailing of their compositions. A normal person would wring their hands and have a breakdown making this kind of imagery, but Tyukanov and his comrades delight in the challenge. His results are inventive and quirky. 
 His prints beg to be found in the pages of a well-worn and much-read children's book.  The Alice in Wonderland print above is filled with 'dress up' options for changing her head and hair and face. It's  paperdoll cut out wardrobe via our heroine, in one of literature's more wild-ride adventures, inspires young minds to formulate their creative juices. 
 Tyukanov has exhibited his work in several exlibris circles and the references of his work speak of mechanical inventions, playful mouse-trap-like contraptions comprised of a miscellany of hodge-podge items and parts and string and wheels and  a range of goofiness, but all in good fun. I am suddenly reminded of Dr. Suess' Cat in the Hat as the Cat rides the sweeping machine as  the playful play master rides his mechanical toy seahorse steed overland.  
The assortment of musical hats and other animal instruments is good for the soul, but again, one wonders what that cacophony would sound like. (This may require a set of earplugs.:)
 One can see why Tyukanov's work has been exhibited worldwide (although mostly in European circles where we westerners wouldn't normally get the opportunity to see such refined work). We could do with a few more exposures of this man's prints, and be the better for it. Here's to hoping someone gets a hold of Tyukanov and brings him and his work to the US for a tour.....SOON. Contact him at tyukanov@gazinter.net

Permanent  Collections:
Tretyakovs Art Gallery /Moscow, Russia
Victoria and Albert Museum /London, Great Britain
Bristol Museum /Bristol , Great Britain
Riga Museum /Riga , Latvia
Graphic Cabinet of English Engraver's Society /Great Britain
Bewick Museum of Engraving /Great Britain
Frederikshavn Museum of exlibris / Denmark
Frans Masereel Center / Kasterle, Belgium
Museum of exlibris /Moscow , Russia
Malborc Castle Museum /Malbork, Poland
International Institute of Humor and Satire / Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Kaliningrad Art Gallery /Russia
Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art /Russia
Museum of World Ocean /Kaliningrad, Russia
Collection of Municipality of Raisio / Finland
Portland Art Museum / USA
Gilkey Center  for graphic arts / Portland , USA
Solo Exhibitions:
Russia, Finland, Danmark, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, USA, the Netherlands
Group Exhibitions:
Russia, Yugoslavia, USSR, Finland, Norway, Poland, Mexico, Denmark, Latvia, Germany
Bulgaria, Great Britain, Italy, India, France, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Spain
Ukraine, Netherlands
Honour Diploma of Triennial of Graphic Art / Riga, Latvia 1987
Special mention of International Competition of Exlibris /Torino, Italy 1989
Prize of 4-Internatinal Biennial of graphic and exlibris /Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland 1991
1-premium of 2-Biennale of Easel Graphic Art /Kaliningrad, Russia 1992
Premium of Int. Competition, "Cristoforo Colombo 1492-1992 /Genova,Italy,1992
Honour Diploma of 3-Biennale of Easel Graphic /Kaliningrad, Russia 1994
Distinction Medal of 8-International Biennale /Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland

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