Monday, September 22, 2014

Mid America Print Council Comes to the Motor City for its 2014 Biennial Conference

Alright, all my fellow inked up comrades, the time has come for some inked up activities and festivities as the Mid America Print Conference rolls into the Motor City (Detroit) for its 2014 Biennial Conference. September 24-27, 2014. To find more information and sign up, see the link here...

The conference will be hosted by the good people at the James Pearson Duffy Department of Art at Wayne state University.
The usual biennial activities, like print demonstrations, exhibits, exchanges and samplers of the latest print supplies will be available for young and old. Printmakers will be showing their latest masterpieces on paper, and its a great way to grab a few choice pieces for your personal art collections. No matter if you only come for 1 day or stay for the weekend, then conference is a great chance for printmakers to come together, talk shop, and down a few tasty brew-skies.

This year's 2014 Outstanding Printmaker Award goes to Ohio University professor of art, Mary Manusos, and it is much deserved. They have a mighty fine printmaking program at Ohio University.
A favorite for everyone is the Bowling/pizza party which will take place on the first night of the conference, Sept. 24th. Get those bowling balls shined up, folks! No inky bowling balls allowed!

Finally, I will put in a shameless plug while all of you are visiting Detroit, for everyone to make a pilgrimage to the Detroit Institute of Art. It is truly a great museum and one of its star attractions is their print and works on paper collection; with approximately 35,000 prints, drawings, photographs, watercolors, posters and artists books, stretching from the present day back to the 1500's. Given the city's financial woes and issues regarding their want to de-access the museum's collection, it might be a good time to see these treasures while you are in town.

Enjoy the conference, and may the ink continue to flow freely in our veins!

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