Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble,Gobble, Thank You John J. Audubon!

How can we not pay homage to our impending holiday feasts without acknowledging the work of  John James Audubon? Incredulous as it seems, this artist has done more for art and science - and Printmaking - (natch, did you think I would pass up the opportunity to put that little note in there?)

I'll put it out there that J.J. did an amazing job traipsing through the United States' uncharted territories of the 19th c. to document the fine-feathered beauties of our country. Sure, it became a Monster enterprise, and truth be told he made a mint on the Birds of North America series. If you've ever tried to go through one of the elephant portfolios, you know what a physical workout that can be!

Just wanting to give kudos to the Bird Man of North America for his wonderful educational artwork, and helping the hunters out there know which bird they're actually trying to bring to the holiday table. Happy Thanksgiving to all the printmakers out there!

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