Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Karla Hackenmiller's "Liminal" Works sparkle at the MAPC Show

Karla Hakenmiller's two prints called "Liminal Twist" and "Liminal Passing" are two prints whose linear interweaving and overlap at first remind us of balls of unraveling yarn, or parts of knitting/sewing gone awry. the pulling apart of some weaving or knotting, to fraying interconnected lines is organic and reminds me of some of the work of Eva Hesse.

Similarly, the complexity of her lines draw the viewer into her 'internal' spaces, for they also seem to be about somethings you would see in a petrie dish or snorkeling underwater. There is life within the line and it engages and entwines the viewer to be a part of the wonder of them. In fact, one could become similarly mesmerized by her line as one does when looking at Willem DeKooning's "Excavation" painting for any length of time. One is only mercifully saved from becoming completely immersed with Hackenmiller's maze through the small breaths of open space - what's Not covered in linear ecstasy.

The scale of her work is intimate, and again, it draws the viewer to it like a magnet. One wants to look deeply into her spaces and pour over them like reading a good book.

I have to say that upon seeing Hackenmiller's website www.karlahackenmiller.com, I am more drawn to her color work,  where her sensitive layers are even more wondrous. I do not profess knowledge of her subject matter, but I enjoy the journey looking throughout her 'twists' and 'passing'.

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