Monday, November 14, 2011

Post-Apocalyptic Prints of Douglas Bosley

Douglas Bosley's prints speak of a darker time, a darker future perhaps, where death and destruction of the human race seems to be approaching. In this piece, Bosley shows us the world after an attack. There is nothing left that is green or filled with sunshine or flowers. The world has turned on itself and become the view  we've seen in countless sci-fi movies like the Terminator series. It is bleak and desolate.

Here, Bosley shows three beams of light coming from the sky to hit their targets on the ground. Their trinity of destruction echoes the rest of the landscape which is full of rubble, incinerated beams and broken posts from old buildings. It is bereft of life or hope.  Smoke-filled clouds roll along the sky taking what's left of the oxygen with it as it pushes through the area.

There is no sign of life, only loss. In the upper right of the image one sees a chip-like code used to identify this scene we're witnessing. It is cold, clinical and mechanical. One gets the feeling we've become a machine looking out at the wasteland before us - a robot surveying the land. We feel no compassion for what was, we only scan the area for signs of life. Are we to destroy it? or are we to save what we can salvage? That is a bigger question, given the world's current events and threats of future unstable entities. Bosley would seem to forewarn us if we go down the path before us, there is little to hope for, yet, his message can go either way. Ultimately, he suggests we have a choice. We always have a choice....

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  1. Douglas has got IT. For whatever human dialectic, we are quickly moving from fact to fiction.......Light to darkness...... and science to jumble. Neat stuff Mr. Bosley.

    rcb '64