Sunday, February 26, 2012

Maine's Circling the Square Press is a Great Place to Get Inked Up

Circling the Square Press is an up and coming press/workshop located in Gardiner, Maine. Karen Adrienne is the director of this operation, and it boasts several presses, workshops, memberships, classes, presstime rental, as well as a mighty fine little gallery space for exhibitions. 

If you want to shop around for some US coastal printmaking sites this may be just the one you'd want to check out. It's just up the road from Portland, and a picturesque drive outside of New York City, but the charming town of Gardiner would be a welcome reprieve for the urban dwellers in the summer, and especially in the Fall when the colors are abundant. There are any number of little towns and available camping areas in the region for print makers seeking a true Northeast coast experience, and it would seem assured that you'd also find a little place to stop get a bite to eat in some fabulous quaint village or road stop. This is not Mayberry, folks, but it may not feel far from it. The aura of the Northeast is to be savored no matter what time of year you can trek up that way.

For more information, contact Karen at:

207-582-6600, 207-582-2108, 207-582-0834

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