Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Treasure Discovered in the Jerusalem Print Workshop

Artists in Israel have known about the Jerusalem Print Workshop since it's founding in 1974, but  the general public will find a treasure when they come across this place. The JPW has maintained a quiet but steady existence, while making some of the finest prints to be found in the Middle East.   I came across the JPW while searching for print shops in the region and when I saw some of the artwork produced there, it stopped me in my tracks. See their website for more information

The shop was founded, and is still lead, by the legendary master printer, Arik Kilemnik. He, along with five other master printers, help artists from across Israel and abroad to create some extraordinary editions. The likes of Dine and Rauschenberg have utilized their services.

The print shop holds classes, workshops, and exhibitions. It has several rare presses, which allow for traditional and contemporary print processes, and they invite artists from Israel and abroad to make editioned prints.  It is a non-profit institution dedicated to maintaining a space for artists to work and be creative. It has certainly sustained and is keeping Israel's printmaking heritage alive. But the real cause for envy here is that Israeli artists can come to work at the shop for free. I am envious....

JPW is located in the sometimes difficult Musrara neighborhood of Jerusalem, which is also home to the complex issues of race and religion between Arab, Jewish, Ultra-Orthodox and Christian sects, but to its credit the print shop balances the neighborhood with its cultural programs.

If you are looking for a place in a culturally diverse setting and rich in history, then send them an inquiry and see what happens. You will surely discover a treasure worth the journey.

38 Shivtei Israel St., Jerusalem 95105 

Telefax: 02-6288614
Opening Hours: Sun -Thus: 08:00 -15:00, Friday: 10:00-12:00 or by appointment

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