Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chimera Press unveils its "Un-Natural Disasters" print suite

Jill Kramer, director of Chimera Press, debuts its "Un-Natural Disasters' print suite this month. 
I am pleased to say I am a participant in this timely and important show which will open Friday, October 21, 6-9p, and Saturday, October 22, 1-4p at Expressions Graphics in Oak Park, IL. It will also be showing soon at the El Centro de la Cultura, in Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico.
Twenty artists are exhibiting their prints on various subjects pertaining to their interpretation of the theme. 

I have chosen  to address the un-natural disaster of 56 children losing their lives in an ABC Nursery fire two years ago in Hermosilla, Mexico. The situation was totally unnecessary, as there was only one working exit and over one hundred children in a space only designated for less than half. Although it hit the news, and people who ran the Nursery and those owning  the building were brought under scrutiny before the mortified public, no one was brought to justice for this gross negligence. My print has a pair of baby shoes, and below them is a group of 56 gold roses symbolizing the children who will forever play together in heaven.It is called "Que los ninos juegan en el cielo"

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