Thursday, October 20, 2011

Luca Cruzat's Turned Upside Down "Obedience" at the Mid America Print Council Show

Luca Cruzat's "Obedience" is another highlight of the Fall 2011 Mid America Print Council Show. This seemingly simple composition with a gathering of sheep leashed or strung together in two clusters above the girl in the foreground who is delicately balancing herself on her head - again with tetherings - is a curious piece. It stems from her 2011Le Fil (TheThread) series of collagraphs; dealing with people and animals that are composed of threads, and how the fraying of those threads unravels the subject as well as binds or joins them to other subjects. The openness of her of her spare compositions allows the viewer to move freely through the space like the wind that seems to blow at the threads. This somewhat playful image calls one to a simpler time when as children we could be called to obedience like sheep and see the boundaries of our existence and  the world as we chose to, either being right side up or upside down .

Cruzat's work has been fast making a name in the print circles. She will be a person to watch in the coming years.....

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