Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tony Lazorko's "Rest Area" at the MAPC show

Tony Lazorko, from Mesilla, New Mexico, is an artist who's work I have followed for several years now. He is currently showing this little gem at the MAPC show at Benedictine University. His screenprint captures the sunset at a an undisclosed southwestern truck stop.

Having recently traveled the great state of New Mexico, literally from top to bottom, this frequent roadside scene greeted me all along I25. Lazorko captures the feeling of the open sky without overdoing it, and the trucks, whose hidden cargo within their shell containers, rest for the night at the truck stop, before embarking on the next leg of their never-ending journeys. It is a spartan view of the southwest landscape of big skies and open roadways, and lets us dream a little of the journeys we've yet to take.

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