Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Edie Overturf's "Risk" a standout at the Fall 2011 Mid America Print Council Show

One print that stands alone at the Mid America Print Council 2011 Fall members' Show is Edie Overturf's print called "Risk". As large work, the artist enables the viewer to experience firsthand the predicament of the woman in the image. Here, the naked woman reaches gingerly, carefully into the sharp-toothed snare to place something [bait] into the mouth of the trap. The place the woman kneels down on is without sturdy ground, or substance. She floats and puts her body's weight onto unsure ground. Similarly, the trap is floating on unsure ground  and her tentative approach to the trap is made all the more nerve-wracking because they have no solid base to rest upon. One feels the tension of this woman and immediately recoils at the potential 'risk' to life and limb.

Overturf has beautifully executed this piece, and brought the viewer past the discussion of media, which traps most printmakers, to convey a message - simple and to the point - be careful what you reach for....

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